Like to work remotely?

Want your business to seem bigger than it is?
(but you hate wasting money) 
Then a...

Low Cost

Local Phone Line 

Routed to your Mobile (or a call-handling service of your choice)

is exactly what you need...
Why are local incoming phone lines the modern choice?
Give local customers more confidence in you
Make Your Business Appear Local to Anywhere on The Planet
Look Like a Big Business
United Kingdom example- Choose the popular 0333 national business number 

or any regional number prefix for your local 'offices'.
Ever dreamed of an office in London/ New York/ Sydney/ Singapore?
Make it a reality today
Forward your number to any mobile/cell number in the world
Pay a fixed super low rate with no minimum spend required any month
We have every local number type waiting for you in every country in the world*
(see exact list in FAQ's)
Give your business the flexibility it needs to expand effortlessly in the future
forward calls to new staff at no extra cost

Get discounts on extra lines as you grow
How Much Does It Cost?
1 low monthly line rental of £10.99 and a fixed low per minute cost of £0.045
Only pay for minutes you use...
3 new enquiry phone calls, 7 days a week at 1 minute duration would cost less than £4.50 in an entire month
  • Which Countries Can I Choose?
    We hold numbers for every country situated in Europe, North America, Central America and South America.
    We also hold numbers for Australia, China, Russia, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Israel, and Singapore.
  • How local can I make my phone number?
    We have 200 local number prefixes in the state of California alone. Our numbers match every local area you might need.
  • What's an 0333 number in the UK
    This type of number is becoming increasingly popular for national businesses (or any business that wishes to leave the option to grow nationally open).
    They are not a premium charge number like 0845 which can put potential customers off.
  • Can I Dial Out On This Number?
    No. It is an incoming number only.
  • What If My Business Needs to Expand?
    You can forward this number to any new employee or virtual assistant anywhere in the world within 60 seconds at no cost. Flexibility and growth are why you need our low-cost incoming phone numbers. If you develop even more complex telephony needs as your organisation grows, we can even help you attach this phone number to interactive call option software in the future at no cost. This type of solution allows callers to select multiple options and divert to multiple employees. We are linked to the cheapest and best advanced telephone solutions available in the world, all of whom use the same software your new incoming number is based on.
  • Am I tied in?
    No. There is no monthly contract and you can cancel anytime. You will only need to pay for the pay-as-you-go minutes you have used that month.
  • Is there a minimum spend?
    There is no minimum spend other than your monthly line rental. If nobody calls you, you don't pay any more than your line rental. Incoming call prices are very low so if you are not a heavy user, and use less than 250 minutes per month it will usually be less than £10 for call minutes in any given month.
  • How do I pay for my monthly usage?
    You simply top up your account with small amounts as you need to. We monitor your use so will let you know. We will discuss your likely use on your set-up call and can review your incoming calls for you and send you itemised call sheets so you can see what time of the day people tend to call you so you can plan better for your business and staffing levels and in particular, pay per click advertising.
  • What About When I Go On Holiday/ Vacation?
    Just fill out a 10-second form with the number of the person you want to divert the calls to and we'll take care of it within hours and switch it back when you return
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